Severne Quick Fixed harness lines


Severne Quick Fixed harness lines


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Severne  Quick Fixed harness lines

De Severne fixed harness lines zijn denken wij de mooiste opde markt, er zit een dikke lijn in, dus ze zijn echt reuze sterk

Demand for SEVERNE harness lines has finally been satisfied. Rather than just re-badge any generic harness line, we evaluated what was required to improve on anything in the market. Durability, safety and performance were the 3 factors we identified, and have addressed each point;

Stronger tubing results in less rope wear. We have developed custom extrusion with a thicker wall (2mm) and using high-denisity PU. Strong nylon webbing replaces standard poly-prop for increased UV resisitance and less wear.

Coloured tube hides any sign of rope wear, so the first you know of it is when the harness line snaps out at sea. We keep it clear so any signs of rope wear are clearly visible.

Minimal swing design keeps the harness line in position.

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