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GUNSAILS Seal membrane 2019


GUNSAILS Seal membrane 2019


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Siem de Jong Funsports is dealer van GUNSAILS. Dit betekent dat wij alle zeilen kunnen leveren! Dit voor dezelfde prijs als Duitsland en in Nederland altijd gratis verzending. Hebben wij de juiste maat niet in de webshop bel (015-2618000) of mail ( ons even.

GUNSAILS Seal membrane 2019

De Gunsails seal membrane 2019 is het nieuwste wavezeil van Gunsails. Het zeil heeft dezelfde snit als de reguliere seal, alleen dan gemaakt van het membrane doek.

De laatste innovatie van GUNSAILS, alles gecombineerd in een 4 lats wave zeil.
The exclusive construction of this wave sail is based on a 0.7 mil sandwich film with strategically placed Technora fibres between. The orientation of these fibres is designed to absorb the extreme forces generated by waveriding. Each individual Technora fibre is aligned according to a calculated design pattern and directs the forces acting on the sail to exactly the right position. This construction allows unique reactivity and a direct sail feel of the Seal Membrane. The necessary window area would normally interrupt these load path, but the special 3-part window design means there is no break in the fiber direction and the tension on the clew can be directed radially and evenly into the sail without interruption.
The additional X-Ply and Dacron panel on the mast sleeve allows the neutral profile to develop just the right amount of drive. Thanks to the flexibility of the material, the sail has excellent damping characteristics outside the power lines and, despite its directness, gives a soft and comfortable ride.

The new Seal membrane is probably the most innovative sail on the market today and forms the basis for future GUNSAILS developments.


GUNSAILS | Seal Membrane - Windsurf Wave Segel in Membrane Konstruktion


The membrane is made of a thin sandwich film and a heavy duty Technora fibre in 1670 dtex. Technora is a high modulus performance fiber with a tensile strength 3 to 4 times higher than polyamide. It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, excellent heat resistance and is virtually fatigue-free. This results in a long, stable lifespan. Due to the dense mesh of the high-tech fibre, the film can be much thinner than a normal X-Ply sail, which leads to a weight saving.

GUNSAILS | Seal Membrane - Windsurf Wave Sail in Membrane Construcion


A window must be inserted for the necessary inspection. Our sail designer Renato Morlotti opted for a 3-part window design in order not to completely interrupt the load paths. The bars between the windows do not cause a complete break in the fibre running direction and the tension occurring on the clew can be directed radially and evenly into the sail without interruption.

GUNSAILS | Seal Membrane - Windsurf Wave Segel in Membrane Konstruktion


The new clew claws are easy to handle and additionally stabilize the centered position of the clew. They are two stable plastic claws screwed to the clew, into which the rope only has to be hooked.

GUNSAILS | Seal Membrane - Windsurf Wave Segel in Membrane Konstruktion


The Carbon Tack Plate has a large surface for direct power transmission and unbeatable durability. Two carbon plates are screwed to the sail foot from above and below. On each side there is an easy running roller which is connected to an axle. This makes it easy to tension the sail. The position of the rollers can be changed by repositioning the axle. This allows the profile in the lower part of the sail to be varied and adapted to different conditions. Rolls near the mast => the profile becomes flatter, rolls further away from the mast => the profile becomes deeper.


Size Boom Luff Top Battens Weight Best Mast Mast Mast ∅
4.2 m² 156 cm 360 cm Vario 4 3,25 Kg Expert/Select 340/370 RDM/SDM
4.7 m² 165 cm 383 cm Fix 4 3,46 Kg Expert/Select 370 RDM/SDM
5.3 m² 176 cm 409 cm Fix 4 3,68 Kg Expert/Select 400 RDM/SDM

LET OP: WE HEBBEN EEN 4.7 en 5.3 OP VOORRAAD. DE 4.7 is WIT en de 5.3 is BLAUW




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